SOLO SHOW: Arden Gallery | Boston, Massachusetts | August 2024

Wendy Chidester

About The Artist

In her gorgeous contemporary-realistic still-lifes, American oil painter Wendy Chidester pays homage to lost relics of the past. Artifacts like vintage cameras and projectors, 40’s trunk luggage, bubblegum machines, children’s pedal cars and tricycles, and old telephones and typewriters are represented nostalgically in her work. She frames these objects as icons, memorializing the color and ingenuity of the past.

Chidester exhibits in both solo and group shows all over the country. She has won an array of prestigious awards, including First Place at the 85th Spring Salon at Springville Museum of Art, selected as one of the few to be included in Southwest Magazine’s annual “21 over 31”, and First Place at the 2007 Annual “Inspired by Carbon County” Helper Arts Festival Show.



See the past comes alive on canvas with a commissioned piece of original artwork. Wendy Chidester turns forgotten relics into modern treasures, that are not only timeless but also deeply personal. Collaborating directly with Wendy means you get to tell your story through art, creating something unique and sentimental.