sold paintings
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Euro Racer I
Lenses Glass and Brass Keystone Regal K109
Mustang Sally BelAir II
The Research Projecct
Red Trike-Rear View Junior Vehicle Orange Red Trike - Front View Red on White
In Tow
Pink Royal Red and White Remington Wide Carriage Hyde on White
Sticker Shock
The Story of My Life Mimeograph No78 Rem-Blick Girl's Trip
Photo Relic
Portable Telephone no 6 The Ampro Precision Projector Adjustomatic dress form Cellini Accordian
Kodascope Model C Kodascope Model D Excel Liquied Fuel Iron
Kodak Travel Companions Kodascope Model L Kodak
Paper Trail
Oliver no9
Remington Rand Portable
Underwood Portable
His and Hers
Monochromatic Ampro
90 Cent National
LC Smith and Bros
From Top to Bottom
Arrow Automatic
Imperial Debonair
Brownie Hawkeye
Vagabond 120
Dalton on Red
Eastman Kodak
Dalton Adding Machine
Polaroid Swinger
Folger Tools
Reel to Reel
Brownie Starlet
Filmo Master
Gentlemens Accoutrements
Eastman Kodac TB
Kongsbak and Cohn 3
Ansco Flash Clipper
Corona Professional
Daily Grind

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