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Globes and Cases
Yellow Trike National Portable Focus II Remington Typewrite
Vintage Red Vintage Blue Vintage Violet Vintage Brown
Roadster Verde
1905 Harley-Davidson
1910 Harley Davidson
Brenkert Rheostat Projector
7 Mile Drive
Hot or Cold
Kodak Automatic TW Ness & Co. Desk Set - 1894 Wilhelm Electric Company 1898 Fishing Trip
Columbus Model M Thank You Ford 1 Cent One Cent on Green
Rotodex Ford Gum Ball Gum One Cent
Dalton No146578 Oliver 9 Underwood on Green Laces and Cases
1898 Elston Telephone 1894 Western Electric Telephone 1910 Chisholm & Dunn Colvin Desk Set 1894
Watch Works 4
Watch Works High Rollers

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